Ain't No Stranger - Reviews

"Jimmy Nalls returns to the studio to create an album of sheer perfection. With fluid, soulful guitar work that parallels and oftentimes even exceeds his Sea Level efforts, coupled with inspiring lyrics and vocal delivery, Ain't No Stranger  will be one of the finer releases to make it's way into your CD player in many moons. Nalls was battling the pain and coordination disruption of Parkinson's disease the whole time this record was being tracked, but there are no signs of stress to be found. Rather, the music herein bubbles with inspiration, clarity, and precision playing. With guests that include veteran Rolling Stones and Allman Brothers keyboard wizard Chuck Leavell, slide king Lee Roy Parnell, and former touring partner T. Graham Brown, the album exhudes creativity and stellar musicianship from start to finish. With heavy doses of jazz and funk, and good old fashioned rock & roll,  Ain't No Stranger  is as good as it gets."

- Michael Smith, All Music Guide

"The opening track ("The Voo Doo In You") provides a preview of the elements that make this a great record: rich, roomy production, Nalls' warm, throaty singing, and a guitar tone to die for. In fact, if any element of Ain't No Stranger stands out, it's the various flavors of tone-with-a-capital-T that Nalls and his co-producer coax from his axe."

- Blues Revue

"A dynamite package of Southern rock and blues. Complete with his own scorchin' guitars and vocal work, Nalls hosts a wide assortment of friends in the studio to support him. High-ended rockers and ball-breakin' bluesy ballads give Jimmy Nalls a guitarist's release destined to be a favorite of blues rockers and Southern rock fans."

- Big City Blues

"Jimmy Nalls sings in a laid-back, Mark Knopfler sort of voice and picks roots-soaked guitar that's given him such a prolonged career."

- The Baton Rouge Advocate

"This album is packed with one gem after another. If you want to prove to anyone that a great Music City recording can be a lot besides country, just whip this bad boy on 'em. They'll be treated to endless thrills and chills." 

- Music City Blues Bluesletter