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A professional musician for more than 35 years, Jimmy Nalls is a self-described musical “chameleon” who has played electric, acoustic, and slide guitar with a diverse range of bands and musicians.
In 1995, Jimmy learned that he had Parkinson’s disease, a progressive and irreversible brain disorder that causes tremors, poor balance, and muscle and movement-related symptoms. With the help of a network of family and friends, Jimmy continued to write songs and work with other musicians at his own pace. In 1999, he released a critically acclaimed solo CD Ain’t No Stranger on MRL Records.
Sadly, on June 22, 2017, Jimmy succumbed to the Parkinson's when he fell at home and passed away.
Fortunately, an excellent album that Jimmy started years ago  - but could not finish due to the effects of Parkinson's - has come to light. Over the last several months, an effort spearheaded by longtime Nashville luthier, Joe Glaser, has been underway to enlist his friends and peers to add their magic and get it out.
A who's who of prominent musicians, many of whom Jimmy had worked with, came together to put the finishing touches on Jimmy’s long-lost record:
The Jimmy Nalls Project
With their significant contributions, this remarkable record was recently released to the world, to be enjoyed and to generate some much-needed funds to help Jimmy and his family through these very difficult times. Be sure to visit the site.
Jimmy was a very good friend and will be missed.

Jimmy's autobiography "Wood and Wire"  is available in
hardcover or immediate download.
For more information and pricing, please click here.
Wood and Wire
The Life and Music of a “Guitar Slinger”
and His Fight with Parkinson’s Disease
Jimmy Nalls
with Bill Rust


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