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120. Chris Garcia June 16, 2015
Friend of Tom Leatherwood and survivor of the Pershing House! Wishin' you all the best Jimmy! Chris Garcia
119. Eric Schultz February 12, 2015
Greetings to Jimmy Nalls! It is good to have you with us. Way back when I was only 14, my uncle sent me a copy of an album by a new group called Sea Level. I gave it a listen a few times, and the more I heard it, the more I liked it. I continued to get all the other albums by Sea Level, and now, with digital downloads and the new re-issue by Real Gone Music, I still have this great music, which I continue to enjoy at home or in the car. I have just ordered a copy of your book, and am looking forward to reading it. Best wishes for all the best of everything. God bless you always. Peace.
118. MROD January 29, 2015
117. Peggy Phillips Tetro January 27, 2015
Jimmy, I was wondering if your mothers name was Marie Nalls? I worked with a lady at Defense Intelligence Agency in Arlington, Va back in the 70s. She had a son named Jimmy who was as she put it a wonderful musician. I was only 18 when I worked with her, but she was a wonderful lady. I am 62 now and was just curious if you are the same Jimmy Nalls. If so, I just wanted you to know how proud your mother was of you.
116. Cameron "Schmitzbender" Schmitz July 23, 2014
Hey Jimmy! We met a few days ago! Saturday NAMM show in your hometown of Nashville (lucky you!). We had a photo taken with the innovation (your playing hand grabbing the neck) which brought me to NAMM show and after coming home, it occurred to me what my favorite memory of the entire 3 days was: meeting you. A guy handed me a Collectible Guitar magazine that same Saturday - here I am reading it 4 days on and seeing the article about you (awesome read!), putting together it is the guy I took the pic with and my mind is blown! I listened to you esp with Sea Level when I lived in Charlottesville late 70's and you are an influence and so cool I met you in person! Rock on JN!
115. Pat Nichols July 19, 2014
Saw Richard Dupree's note on here and thought of those days you were with the Penny Arcade playing Someplace Else. Always thought you and Mike Martino were the best of the group. Richard mentioned Bud Becker, and I was one of the guys working for him getting you some of those bookings, and spent many days at that club and the house on Jefferson Street. Seems I remember a song about that house. 

So sorry to hear about your bout with Parkinson's. Not pleasant, to put it mildly. Take care, and enjoy those grandkids. Got one of those myself, best job in the world.
114. Mike Brantley May 26, 2013
Hello, everyone. Just want to let you know that the Guestbook service I was using has shut down. They lost all of the entries from August, 2011 until now.

I have since made my own guestbook program . 

All entries should work correctly from now on.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and feel free to post again.

Thank you.

Mike Brantley
Webmaster for jimmynalls.net

113. Richard (Richie) Martin-Ross August 7, 2011
Hey Jimmy. Must have been 30/32 years ago. I'm the little blues/soul singer who used to be managed by Albert Grossman/Bennett Glotzer in California. We were in a band together. (Sorry, I forgot which one). It's great to see we're all still here. Your music sounds great as ever. Man. what a blast.
112. Dennis Brown  July 26,2011
Hi Jimmy, it's Dennis Brown. I met you through Scotty Hawkins in the early 90's. I was playing guitar with Vicki Bird when you played on a session for her. I hope you're doing well. You're one of my guitar heroes; you understand groove like Scotty does & better than any guitarist I've seen. Take care, DFB
111. Louie Warren July 4, 2011
I first saw you play at the DC Dog Farewell concert at the Kennedy Center. I was then so happy to see you in Sea Level. Caught the band at the Warner Theatre in the late 70s when you warmed up for The Outlaws. Later saw you with the Nighthawks years later. My local band played with them a few times in the 70s and Mark is a good friend. Bought your solo CD and the live Nighthawks CD from this site. Thanx for the inspiration. May God bless you.
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