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110. Dan June 18, 2011
Jimmy: Thanks for inspiring others to keep doing what they love and do well. As a fellow guitarist with a similar neurological disease, I am grateful. -- Dan
109. Ellen Bradley February 20, 2011
Hello Jimmy,
I knew you at Kemmore. You were a great guy then. Congratulations on a great career and family! I love this web site!
Thank you all for putting it out there.
108. Scott VW  October 11, 2010
Hey Jimmy. Been thinking about you lately and hope this finds you & the family doing well. Gotta try & catch up here soon. The duplicate Strat remains my go-to instrument to this day. Too bad we didn't get a pic of the two of them side by side.
107. Dave Kyle October 2, 2010
Jimmy, you're the man. I miss you Bro!
106. Cathy Cherry September 11, 2010
Greetings Jimmy and fam! A well-developed, impressive webpage, my friend. Well wishes and continued prayers for strength and guidance
as you continue to create; you've spent a lifetime building upon layers of strengths.no doubt, with that in mind, the best of Jimmy Nalls is yet to come. The world anxiously awaits.
105. Glenn J., New Jersey September 12, 2010
Your work with Sea Level is timeless and treasured. I'm looking forward to converting my old vinyl to MP3 to re-live it all. Saw you playin' with the Nighthawks at the Stone Pony back in the day - what a treat! Keep on rockin' and God bless!
104. Michael Retherford August 19, 2010
Went to HS at Wakefield. only heard a few of your songs. Just read the messeages from the wakefield web site. Glad to hear you are doing well, and you had a good career. Nice to hear I went to school with a big shot. Good luck in life
103. Mark Saurs March 5, 2010
Jimmy - all best wishes to you. Thank you so much for all of the great music you have given us throughout the years. Few guitarists play with the tough, taste and class that you make look so effortless. You have been a long time inspiration for the music play and the life you lead.
102. Lynn Green Robinson January 13, 2010
Hey Jimmy!

Long time no see. Not since the gig at Wolf Trap in the late 80's. I'm so glad to hear you are still making music. I have your CD and play it often. I want you to know I have you on my church's prayer list. There are a lot of good people praying for you every day. Keep it up! I hope you don't mind, but I posted a picture of the Malibu's on my Facebook page. Mickie and I have been remembering those days! We are both on a Wakefield group page. God Bless you!
101. Keith Shannon November 20, 2009
Hello Jimmy, from a fan who has enjoyed your body of work for years and years. I have all the Sea Level music, you guys are still one of my most favorite bands and individually some of my most favorite musicians. I followed your career and listened to your music ever since. Thanks for the career you've had. From an avid music fan with discerning taste, you are one of the greatest!
Best Wishes!
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Due to spammers, all entries must be approved before
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