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100. Mickie Barnow September 9, 2009
Hi Jimmy! Haven't seen you since the 70's, but have thought of you. You were great to watch in the Morticians at Kenmore. Thanks for the memories. I always knew you were going to do great things with your extraordinarily talented guitar playing. Hope you are doing fine. Mickie
99. Sue (Nash) Bothe August 27, 2009
Jimmy ~ i was so glad to hear about you when i visited to Turkey the other day. he told me about your website. i had wondered about you over the years. i remember you from Kenmore when you set up to play at Barbara LaCompte's house. i don't know if you would even remember it, but i remember you playing in her basement. you had 'stage presence' even then. i believe it was the summer before the 9th grade. i'm so sorry to hear of your health problems. i'll be buying some of your material. i hope it helps you out a little. you take care.
98. Rick Flinchum August 20, 2009
Jimmy, thank you so much for the inspiration you and Davis and all the guys have given me. I was at the Rebal Jam at the Fox and other shows. The Moonshadow reunion show where you ran in during the first song and had a belt around your strat case!!! You killed that night! Cats on the Coast is my personal fav. but all are GREAT! Best wishes for the future!
97. Doug Frank July 30, 2009
Jimmy, sent you an email remembering old times jamming/playing in DC & Macon, etc. God Bless you brother - your contribution & the mark you've left on music & the art is something every musician should aspire to. All the Best!!!
96. Eddie Ryan July 20, 2009
Hey Jimmy
I always remember with great affection, our time together while Noel was doing his recordings, and also you playing on Ed Mottau and my songs for "No Turning Around". You are the absolute best!
I regret never having answered your note back in the 80s. It was a crazy time for me, but that's no excuse. This picture on your site looks like you from the Noel-Alex Taylor period of your life.
Hang in there, Brother. Even though we haven't seen each other in 35 years, I love you dearly.

Eddie Ryan
95. wild bill June 19, 2009
jimmy,hope you're feeling better;no one can take the good times back in the70's in D.C. from us,still in austin,tezzas 6/09 lov ya bro,the wild man .w.b.
94. Loren Lesh  April 20, 2009
JIMMY- I knew you in high school & when I heard you play . . I thought all guitarists played as well. Later I realized that you are not only unique -you can play ANYTHING- but other guys cannot play as well as you. I took you for granted in high school and realized your talent later. I remember the 'Hawks concert when you broke a string, replaced it and finished the song. Magic Fingers.
93. richard dupree February 22, 2009
i used to play a club in se d.c.--some place else--, you were in ulysses, my band was - magic reign-- bud becker ha ha ha ha.i always thought you were a standout player with a touch and taste. i went to hollywood, atlanta and nashville. now retired with family .god bless ya man.rick
92. Rick from Carolina December 14, 2008
Wishing you all the best.

I found the "Best Of Sea Level" CD yesterday. It's the first time I've heard the music in years. I wore out the vinyl years ago. Didn't know it had ever been issued on CD.

I drove from Carolina down to Atlanta for an ultra-hot show in '77. That performance left a mark on my psyche that has never faded. You and all the guys were incredible. Sea Level was so far ahead of your time. I'm enjoying the "Best of" CD so much I can't tell you.

Thanks for the music, be well.
91. J-R  December 11, 2008
Hi, Jimmy. I saw you perform once, in NYC, and my main impression was that you are a master of many styles, and enjoyed applying everything you could to make the music sound great. I'm glad I found your website. Aren't computers great? Best wishes, J-R from NYC (originally).
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