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90. Lonny October 27, 2008
I met you in Frederick maryland (Nighthawks) and talked to you about the old Silvertone that you had borrowed for the gig. You were preparing to leave the NH's for a gig with one of the Marsalis brothers. You were great, bro. Jimmy Hall and you MADE THE BAND. Jimmy H. also convinced me to get back into playing music that night, I had a good 15 years of playing honky-tonks in rock bands after that. No career, but a lot of fun. Thanks for everything you did.
Love ya, man
Lonny (Firehouse Foster) Fahs
89. Deborah Kumper July 7, 2008

As I said to you at Teddy Bogner's July 4th celebration, you still got it!!
God bless you and yours,

Deb Kumper
(And Glen and Bobbi Alexander)
88. Genaro  July 4, 2008
Hi Jim I'm from Greece and i feel lucky to hear you play music.All of my company likes "I got the fever" and also all the other tracks of this wonderful work you've made.God bless you and all your family.
87. Russell Stern  May 29, 2008

Great to see your website. I've been a huge fan of Sea Level from the beginning. I was at the Bottom Line show in about 1979,80?

Still some of the tastiest licks around. Congrats on being a grandparent.

86. noel paul stookey May 28, 2008
hey babe! this is a great site.super surprise pictures (especially the carnegie hall shots) and nice trax!

good to hear from you and good to see you're still cookin' in your basement!

85. Patrick Dove aka pberry dove April 1, 2008
Great to find your website! Thought about the music all these years. W-L 66-69, you walked the halls with a guitar,not books!I picked up guitar in 63,not ever to compare with you. Thanks Forever.God Bless.
84. Cliff Burnett December 20, 2007
I finally saw your site and sent you an email. Much love, Merry Christmas & aaaaaaaaaaaaite!!
83. Louie Warren September 21, 2007
Saw you with DC Dog. the last show at the Kennedy Center. and saw you with Sea Level at the Warner. glad to see you're still at it. Keep on keepin' on. music makes all the insanity sane. Best wishes.
82. Lynda Clark September 19, 2007
Just found your website and so glad that I did! I became a big fan of yours when you were with T. I think T's best band was when you, Alan, and Garland were there. You were the best guitar player I ever heard and haven't heard better since. You are still missed on the road! Take care of yourself and keep fighting!

Lynda from Texas
81. rick allen  July 21, 2007
Recently pulled out my old Sea Level cd's. It's been awhile. The music sounds fresh and new again. Can't help but think how wonderful the band's music and Jimmy's guitar palying would sound with today's technology. So, I believe I will order your solo cd that I was unaware of. Congrats on grandparenting! It's the greatest isn't it?
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