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70. Pam October 11, 2006
Hey Jimmy, Just checking in. Hope all is going well with the those new grandtwins, how exciting for all of you.
We are well here. Praying for you always.

69. Scott VW October 8, 2006
I've been snarfing around on the site and had to drop one question.On Page 2 of the Photos, there's a backstage shot, Jimmy with Sea Level, ca. 1978. I see you, I see THE Strat, but the Strat's got black bobbin pickups. Are those the *hot* pickups that were custom wound for you by Mr. Fender? Remember? The ones that I had to swap back out for the originals in between sound check and the set that night?
68. Scott VW October 8, 2006
Hey Brother.Was talking to Jim Johnson this morning & he mentioned your web site and I figured I'd drop in, look around and say hello. Hope this finds you & yours doing well. Brenda & I are still out in the D/FW area and doing good. Still have the Strat, btw :-)
Take care & we'll be sure to give you a shout if we come that way!

67. Gary Iden September 16, 2006
Jim; thanks for the web site. It's a blast looking at all the pictures. Great times remembered seeing the older pics from Arlington. I keep somewhat up to date on how you're doing thru emails and updates via W&L alumni posts. Wishing you well, and keeping you in my thoughts.
66. Jim Johnson  August 21, 2006
Jimmie just wanted to say hello its been awhile. All is well with the family. Still in macon. Hello to Minnie and the kids.
65. Jesse Klapholz August 11, 2006
Hey Jimmy!
This is your old sound man from Sea Level 1977!

You sound great as ever with the energy that brings me back.

Love & Peace Brother!
64. Paul Buechel May 12, 2006
I saw Sea Level twice. The first time was at Radio City Music Hall in NYC when you opened for the band Renaissance. That was right after the first album came out. Not long after I saw the band at a club on Long Island NY call "My Father's Place" and the band was bigger than a quartet. I remember a guitar player named Davis Causey was there as well. I really got to appreciate your playing since it was a small place. Anyway I see you have lots of well wishers, which is great, and I wish you the best of luck going forward.
63. Allen Thompson April 27, 2006
Hey Jimmy,
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your hospitality and your inspiration. I'll be keeping in touch and we'll definitely do some cool stuff together. Thanks again.
Take Care,
62. janie in florida April 19, 2006
hey jimmy--i talked to u an minni a year ago.i used to live next door to janie roach--me an margaret used to have snowball fights with u an hoagie--in mt rainier--i used to live across the street from mom an pop nalls--an remember your dad too--buddy.i hope you guys are doin good--guess who i just found on internet? jack bryant an wally cook--from old fallen angels.an punky meadows from angel.god what a small world.an danny morris from old nighthawks is down here in florida with band--please let me hear from u an minni--luv ya,jane
61. Bobby Thompson April 12, 2006
Sure is good to see so many people checking out this site! Hope Every one is aware of the JAM'N FOR JIMMY BENEFIT 2006 at Third and Lindsley, Nashville Tenn, on APRIL 24, 2006. Confirmed players are Jack Pearson, Jimmy Hall, T. Grahm Brown, DAVE DUNCAN, and many more who have come in years past. A good show is promised! It'll be a week end long affair so come early to see Dave Duncan's Gig on Sat. nite and come to a BB'Q for the Nall's Family Sunday afternoon. For more info, email me (rdthompsonjr@bellsouth.net). Hope to see ya'll there. Bobby Thompson
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