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60. Barry Knopp March 17, 2006
Greetings Jimmy!
I have been searching the web for some time for all things Sea Level and -
Although I have never had the luck to hear you in person, or the honor of meeting you, I have been listening and appreciating your music since the first Sea Level album. I have kept all of my Sea Level vinyl even though I purchased the CDs as soon as they were available. The value of the Sea Level CD releases on the vintage market is a good indication of the quality of music that you guys put out there for all of us to enjoy. Ain't No Stranger continues this strong message and has become one of my favorites! Thanks for many years of great music and best to you and your family!
59. Kenny Gray February 24, 2006
Jimmy,Steve Deady told me about your website. I remember making him teach me "Who's Been Talking" off the Alex Taylor album when I first started playing. I still listen to that record and I still play that song as close to what you played as I can (not very). The Malibus at Kenmore, seeing you jam with Mike Jones band at JJ's in Arlington. Ain't No Stranger is great, I got it after reading a review in a blues magazine. Good luck.
58. Vince Hope February 19, 2006
Jimmy - Great to hear you so strong and vital, my friend!
Love this site - Spent most of a day here & traveling links thru the years!
Haven't thought of DCDogs for ages - and you started with a Jaguar! I never knew! The shot of you and Davis in OtherWorld! I won't comment on frilly Penny Arcade, but hey - roads we've traveled, eh?

Just ordered another 2 copies of Stranger - keep sharing them with friends who decide not to return them. Give me one I should keep! + the J-J Hawks. Thanks for making that available after all this time. I've also got another tune coming your way -

Let's stay connected, don't let the grandkid spoil ya, and be good - as always!
57. Steve Deady February 19, 2006
Jimmy, hope you are doing well. Listening to The Malibus at St. Andrew's in the 60s was a life-changing experience for me. From some of the other posts to the guestbook, it sounds like I wasn't alone. Great web site!
56. Laurie Goodman February 1, 2006
I remember the first time I met you at Rohoboth Beach when you were playing with the Nighthawks. It has been a privilege to be your friend all these years. Can that really have been 15 years ago???!! The white pizza, the putt putt golf, Twist and Shout, running that hill -- it's all coming back to me now!! While your music inspires, its really your heart and soul that we all love. Be well, my friend.
55. karla January 22, 2006
Hey Jimmy...sorry you "lost" your guestbook. Just wanted to say hi, love you and am praying every nite for ya. As you know, i was into sea level before i even knew you. Love this site, hearing the audio snippets, (you are SUCH a great KATAH PLAYAH, DEAH!) and kent and i were talkin about you on the phone. Were your ears (gills) burning? Remembering ridiculous times on the road...the frog, the steepy, the chick, koonda and of course, the FISH. love, your fellow turnip-truck dweller xxxoookitty jo
54. STEVE CURNOW  January 21, 2006
53. Gary Blevins January 2, 2006
We've spent so much time away in the service we only hear about you, Minnie and the family from Lee. Like Jeff said, your site is awesome and Uncle Buddy would be so proud of you as we all are. Its good to be in touch. Congratulations and we hope to see you soon.
Gary, Lisa and the kids
52. Janie Roach December 30, 2005
Hi Jimmy, Remember me? I lived across the street from Nanny. You played with and went to church with my children. I also attended your and Mini's wedding here in Mt. Rainier. It's hard to believe you are now a grandfather. CONGRATULATIONS!
51. Louie Warren December 28, 2005
I first saw/heard you at the DC Dog farewell concert at the Kennedy Center with Grin... or was it theirs? At any rate, I was impressed! When I heard you were with Sea Level, I immediately bought the album and kept on until there were no more. Having played warm up for the Nighthawks in the Thackery period, I never got to see you live, except for a live show on cable one New Year's Eve. All I've got to say is WOW... Wishing you all the best.
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