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50. mark p. (Bob T's friend) December 25, 2005
i met you while you were with the Nighthawks but was a big fan of Sea Level (who wasn't) long before i met Bobby and he introduced me to you. Thanks for your hospitality before and after the '04 benefit and sorry i couldn't make it this year, but fair warning...nothing will keep me away in '06. God Bless and my prayers are with you and your family.
49. karla December 22, 2005
hi jimmy, i found this great site, kinda by "accident." IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. It is so great to hear snippets of Sea Level. As you know i wAS A big fan long before i even knew you. I want you to know...i pray for you every nite, and think you are an incredible KATAH PLAYER. kENT AND I WERE talking about you yesterday. )Were your ears...gills...mmm...burning?Love you, karla
48. Cody Wilder December 7, 2005
Jimmy my brother,I'm back in Vegas but I'm with you in spirit.Love ya brother. Cody Wilder
47. Steve Berto December 7, 2005
An old Arlingtonion from St.Thomas Moore.Just saw the mention of the Benefit on the Arrow website by Cerphe, sorry I missed it. I sympathize with what you are going thru as my wife has Dystonia and is thinking about Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.I remember the church dances in the '60's. We had a Wakefield reunion last year with the Boston Monkees and the New Found Sound, remember them? Keep Rockin!
46. Doug Hunter December 6, 2005
It was nice seeing you today. Thanks for letting me know about the website.

Nice! Great website, I've got to alert some friends to the audio clips. Especially enjoyed the photos.

I'd like to hear the story behind "Jennifer's Wheel" sometime.
45. Bobby Thompson December 6, 2005
Man what a sight this site is! Kudos to Mike Brantley for all his hard work to put this together. At his own expense, and all as an act of love for Brother Jimmy!
I have had the privelege of receiving a CD of parts of the Live 2005 Benefit for Jimmy and of course it is awesome. For more info email me at rdthompsonjr@bellsouth.net
44. Dave Pomeroy November 26, 2005
Hey Brother Jimmy. Just a little note to tell the world how I feel about you. Before we met, I was a fan, and after we became friends and you moved to Nashville, my admiration of you only grew over the years. I have watched you handle the burden of Parkinson's with the utmost respect. You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you on any level. I thank God that I can call you my friend and know that if anyone can beat this thing, it's you. We are ALL in your corner, and want you to know that we are there for you. if you need ANYTHING, just ask! You are and continue to be, THE MAN. I love you Pal!!
Peace, DP
43. Chuck Martin November 19, 2005
Hey there Jimmy, I have been thinking of you often over the years, wondering how you were doing. My son & I were going through an old box of LP's recently, and there you were on the Sea Level album. It finally struck me to try and look you up on the 'net. I think back often to the W-L days trying to get your '59 Ford started in the winter, and that first guitar you sold me and how patient you were trying to teach me to play. You have the gift, I am still struggling. I am very sorry to hear about your health problems. I will me keeping you in my prayers in the future. Best of luck to you, and keep on rockin! I will definitely be checking out your CD's.
42. Ken Crouch November 19, 2005
Jimmy - I was looking through some LPs a few days ago - saw you in the credits - I hadn't thought of you for years and turnd to the miracle of the Internet - I went to Kenmore and W&L with you - I played sax and certainly didn't travel in your circle - but I always admired your ability - I remember the Morticians and the others -Very sorry to hear about your health problems - I wish you and your family the best - you were a tough guy back in JrHigh - I know this disease can't beat you!
41. Noelle Kline November 10, 2005
Hi Mr. Jimmy it is me Noelle I just wanted to tell you hi and I will see you guys around Thanksgiving if your son invites me. (lol) mean laughing out loud. Well I hope you are doing ok and hope you are staying out of trouble. I will see you very soon
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