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20. Jerry Torregrossa September 28, 2005
Hey Jimmy, just found out about yer website, Frank Rader gave it to me...hope you are doing better, liked everything about yer site...I will try and call you this week...good luck with your music...God bless you and your family...all my best to you...Jerry
19. Frank Rader/Dejablue Band September 26, 2005
Hi Jimmy,
Although weíve never met, I feel that I have known you for many years! I have listened to stories told about you and your musical career by Jerry Torregrossa and Denny Begle and I eagerly look forward to finally meeting you at the upcoming event. Best of luck to you and your family and may God bless each and every one of you!
18. Page Lesh September 26, 2005
Hey Jimmy,
Great web site. Enjoyed reading the great things everybody had to say about you and everyone is right on the money. Had to borrow a computer as ours is down, so Loren will check in later. Canít wait for your book. Our prayers are always with you and you family. Moving to TN in 2 weeks so hope to see you. Love Page Lesh
17. Jennifer Torregrossa September 26, 2005
Love the website!! Looking at the pics reminds me of the times we saw you with T. Graham Brown in Alexandria. I still love to hear the stories of the Chessman that my dad and uncle tell. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Stay cool!! Jennifer Torregrossa
16. Robin Sandford Creel September 26, 2005
Jimmy, Doug has kept me updated on your career. I think back on all the good times on Lee St and realize how lucky we were to have such fun and good friends. I look forward to reading the book. Sending lots of positive thoughts, Robin.
15. Dianne Martin Hudson September 24, 2005
Jimmy, I graduated from George Mason Class of í68. Loved the music of the Chessmen! Denny is a dear friend and has kept me posted on your music career as well as your health challenges. You are in my prayers and just keep rockin! Love and so enjoyed your website! God Bless you, Dianne
14. Damon Torregrossa September 24, 2005
Denny has been keeping me posted on you and the rest of The Chessmen. I wasnít able to get to the reunion months ago, but I know you had a chance to see Jerry and Denny, and I know you all had a great reunion. My sister Toni was able to locate your cd "Ainít No Stranger" and gave it to me for Christmas, (you were both in the same class at W-L). Itís a great cd, I listen to it all the time when on the road. Were you guys going to put out a reunion cd?? Weíre praying for improvement in your condition. Take care and keep up the guitar and composing! Damon Torregrossa (Ex-Manager, remember the Campus Club at GW in D.C.?)
13. Todd Jordon September 24, 2005
This new website is happening. I read that there was a Taylor Nalls project @ ABC-Dunhill back in the 70ís Do you have an album of those sessions that Nalls and Taylor did? just curious
Still your # 1 fan.

12. Harry Begle September 24, 2005
Hi there Jimmy, donít know if you remember me, I am Denny Begleís "Old Man". It has been many years since you young kids started with your music, I remember coming home from work and as I approached my house on Lee St. in Falls Church and heard all this noise, I recalled saying, "I hope thatís not coming from my house." But you went on and did well and I applaud you. Take care and keep fighting.

Harry Begle
11. Steve Torregrossa September 24, 2005
Hey Jimmy!! Fantastic website. I have such great memories of listening to stories my uncle Den tells about you and seeing you play with T Graham Brown. Ainít No Stranger is a fantastic album!! Take care of yourself and my thoughts are with you. Hopefully Iíll see you soon!!

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